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Resurrection takes Love

This blog has been sleeping for a while, and I’ve been doing other things: Facebook, teaching Eng-002 (Composition) at Westmont College, directing the Villette Musical that Ravinia wrote in 2016 and a group of her friends performed in May 2017, and taking an RV trip across America (dreams come true).

But the theme of this blog: Lifting Hearts to God in Thanks and Praise, that’s always timely, and the freedom of content here beckons me once again. I have some writing projects in mind for 2018, and so I thought, I should resurrect Highheartedly.

It turns out resurrecting a blog is a big deal to me. I spent the month of February not doing it! Many good things happened in February that could have been written about, pictured, reflected on…and the month of Love went by. “What I learned in February” comes out tomorrow on some of the blogs I read, and on this last day of the month I am thankful for the whole month, the building up of love, the work of God behind the scenes and holding me so that I can come back to this quiet place on the internet and write again.

It wasn’t enough to write about Amy’s visit and our Saturday jaunt to the beach where we were blessed to see whales and be reminded how nature soothes our souls.

It wasn’t enough to write about how I was getting to preach a sermon on Sunday and how nervousness made me speak faster than I should have, but how people responded and Ravinia’s eyes glowed…but how while there is not unity on this issue I do not personally wish to become a female pastor.

It wasn’t enough to write about my mom’s birthday, the 11th since she died.

It wasn’t enough to write about how Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday coincided and we ate a marvelous meal on Mardi Gras and had two Valentine’s parties before an evening Ash Wednesday service for which I am grateful. The season of Epiphany was 40 days this year, making a satisfying similarity to Lent in the church calendar.

It wasn’t enough to write about lunch at Jeannine’s on Coast Village Road and how we returned there, finally, after the fire and the mudslide damage to be greeted by the hostess who offered me a slice of birthday cake which we’d missed in December.

It wasn’t enough to write about going to see The Crucible at the PCPA last Wednesday and getting to be interviewed afterwards, feeling vulnerable as we walked away but then relieved when we saw the video on Facebook and how the editing was well done.

It wasn’t enough to write about the Winter Ball that got delayed to February 24 (so now what theme will it have?) and my uncertainties and fears and ineptitude but God’s provision and reassurance both from people who came and helped and enjoyed the time, and from the remembrance that this is a gift I am giving to my daughter who asked for a ball, and the money I spent was certainly within the gift budget, after all!

It wasn’t enough to write about Dad’s decline in Parkinson’s related issues and my need to step up nursing him: attentiveness, almost bullying him into taking a shower after all…and God’s grace in an upswing for Dad’s condition and an upswing in family relationships too.

But all these things together are enough. In all these things, God is to be thanked and praised.

So here I am again, loving God and loving the people he gives me.

All thanks and praise to God!