Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Chasing Grace


This is the year I look for God’s grace abounding to me.

And I meant to write about it much more than I have.

Have I not been looking?

Or seeing and not thanking?

Thanking and not writing?

Wasting my time?

There have been so many ways God has poured out grace to me. What kind of work is better than writing it down? What other kind of work keeps my perspective clear, my heart light, my mind engaged? What have I been thinking? What has distracted me?

I have a long list (of graces, not distractions!).

Since I cannot go back in time, I can only walk forward.

The son who said, “No,” to his father but then obeyed, that’s the one the Father commends. So talking about what we did wrong is fine but turning around to do right is what is important. I will thank and praise the Lord while I have time, while I have breath.

One distraction came up rather suddenly. I was asked to teach a Composition course at Westmont, and had only one week to get things ready. I’ve been busy with that, more than you can imagine. But it doesn’t completely take over my days.

I still teach middle school homeschoolers, American Literature and History this year. Our history is more of a history club; a chance for watching related movies, for making food, drawing art, learning about each others’ historical reading and about paintings by major American artists. I enjoy the kids and enjoy the things we do together but there again the planning is what takes time and where I fret.

Oh to count it a grace instead.

My dad is doing fairly well. He is packing his own pills for his Parkinson’s, usually has three meals a day, one of which I cook and the first I contribute to by preparing a yogurt/banana shake and the granola he will eat with it, whenever he is awake enough to do so. It is so encouraging to see Dad up and active again. I thank God for his improved health and his good routine. He has a project too, changing his Greek primer into an interactive, online program. But he doesn’t get to work on it very often because of the irregularity of his sleep needs.

Recently I was reading Genesis 3 again, in a Bible study (I think) and the supplemental text was pointing out God’s grace to Adam and Eve after the fall. It was God’s grace to forbid them to eat from the tree of life since they’d already sinned: if they ate would they not have been able to be redeemed? I had been familiar with that thought, but as I read, “I will put enmity between” the seed of the woman and the serpent, I thought, this too is grace. Not that there was enmity between the singular seed (Jesus) but in the plural of seed (all of us) and the serpent (Satan). Can you imagine if there were no enmity between us and Satan? If there were no restlessness which caused us to yearn for something better? Our true home? Our loving wise Father? Thank you, God, for the dissatisfaction that comes when I sin!

I’ve kept a gratitude list, and I’m working on a grace journal.

Where have you seen God’s grace in your life?

Thank and praise the Lord with me!


Comments on: "Chasing Grace" (3)

  1. Dear Beth,

    I am blessed reading your post tonight. I am seeing more and more of God’s grace in you.
    Thank you for sharing in grace with me this week.
    love you,

  2. Rosemary Bluman said:

    I’m happy to see your post, Beth. I’m hoping it’s been a grace-full year. Grace. Such a good word! I’m swimming in a sea of grace. This fall, as the season changes, I’m very thankful to be back home after a summer away. It’s so good to reconnect with my church, see my friends, play with the darling grands, and feel a part of things here, at home. I am graced by all the ordinary blessings of summer-to-fall. I thankful to still harvest fresh basil, and cut flowers and to make plans for the baby eggplants ripening in the garden. I’m thankful to see friends become friends, and celebrate fall birthdays.
    A great grace underlies all of the above. It’s less anxiety, less fear and more peace. How did this happen? No therapy, no meds, no human explanation have I. But grace!

  3. What a treat to be one of those Composition or homeschool students under your teaching!

    Thanks for sharing about your Dad. Keep us posted on his online Greek program. 🙂

    I think the death after sin is an act of mercy, for who wants to live forever in a sin-stained world?

    One example of God’s grace in my life: several options for my son’s high school education, and the joy of discussing his options and preferences with him.

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