Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Begin Again

After about a two month hiatus, I am here again. Happy August to you all! I have much to write, and I’ll start with the Five Minute Friday on Begin because I’m beginning to write here again. I’ll start with a reflection I told my husband:

I remember a lady in our church in Boston asking me, “Why did the Greeks forsake their gods? They seemed to do well for them.”

“Because they met the one true God, I guess,” I had replied.

It struck me, first that her question was so illiterate and then second that it was a good, an absolutely good question for us today. The assumption of God’s supremacy can’t be taken anymore.

First I had to realize what was good about the Greeks’ gods. They told stories that explained things. Stories that told truth about the human heart. Self knowledge is good, and I especially resonated with one particular story which gave words to what I was going through.

Stories of the Greek gods are like philosophy and psychology intwined. There’s a certain helpful wisdom in them. But they aren’t enough to change me. They can describe and make me feel comfortable with what is, or excuse the bad things but they cannot change the bad ways or make me good. Only God can.

He does.

He loves to change us, to give us chances to begin again.

Second is to ponder on how God is really a God and not just a super-human representative. It is we who are in the image of God, and it takes all of us not one of us to image forth and idea which even still I think he surpasses! Keep thinking about God.

All thanks and praise to him!

Five Minute Friday


Comments on: "Begin Again" (2)

  1. hello! I’m here, for the first time, from FMF! Welcome back to blogging…!

    I really liked this line:

    He loves to change us, to give us chances to begin again.

    Yes, he does!! Amen!!

  2. just read this tonight! Really great Beth. Thank you for this perspective and these thoughts from the heart. Love you friend, Susan

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