Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Christ is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!

May you know his love deep in your hearts, may your face radiate his glory as you celebrate the resurrection today and may the glory keep shining out from you throughout the year.

Last night we celebrated with an Easter Vigil. It started at 7:30 and ended at 9:30, and so it was an early vigil. Imagine us keeping time with the East Coast and you’ve got the right time, and since I talked with my Greek Orthodox aunts yesterday, I thought of them exactly at 9:00 (I checked) when I turned on the lights at Deane Chapel after everyone said, “Christ is Risen, Alleluia!” and it was indeed midnight there, in New Hampshire, where they were celebrating most likely in Greek, “Christos Anesti!”

Maurice preached and you can read the sermon on the Prince of Peace blog (click here). After hearing the sermon (which I had the privilege to read beforehand) and seeing him wave his hands expressively, during the rest of the service when glory was mentioned, I had new insight, new thrill for the glory of God. So I commend the sermon to your reading.

We came home and Ravinia reminded me that we had to make Resurrection cookies. What are they, you ask? Click here for a lovely and well written post giving not only the recipe with pictures but also scriptures. They are the best meringue cookies I’ve ever made (possibly because of the vinegar), although Ravinia hasn’t unsealed the oven yet.

Then we also made some butterflies to decorate the church this morning, and I brought in our Easter gift of mugs. We have been drinking only water for Lent, in remembrance of those who have no clean water, and we today will send money for a well. So we thought it appropriate to celebrate with new mugs from Dayspring.

How will you celebrate today?

What is a favorite hymn, and will you sing it in church?

Oh, and guess what: my mug, the blue one? It’s named the Grace mug!

All thanks and praise to Jesus Christ our Lord!


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