Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Music for Lent

Do you have something that inspires and encourages you?

Music? I love hymns, Rich Mullens, classical, and other Christian contemporary music (in about that order, yes).

So, here comes coffee-shop style hymns for Lent, from PageCXVI (Aslan singing the world into being. Did you ever catch that the cabby sings a thanksgiving hymn in the dark before Aslan’s voice starts? I never, but Ann Voskamp knows it: thanksgiving precedes the miracle.)

An album due to release on March 4, Mardi Gras!

Check out a video with footage of their recording: click here.

Lent To Maundy Thursday Cover

I was given a pre-release digital copy to try to stream some songs for you to hear…I haven’t figured out how to do that.

I really like these songs, the sound, the words. Once the cd comes out I’ll get one for my car, it’s great driving music, and my car’s so twentieth century that way!

It’s a step toward liturgy from the cool end of Christianity.

Thanks be to God!



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