Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Grace Alone

I’m not sure if I’m being witty here.

I don’t mean to reference the Reformers with the title Grace Alone.

Just, I was alone on a drive this past Saturday and Grace came along.

Driving, in sunshine, alone.

Things fell away.

No do-list on a drive.

Nobody to interrupt my thoughts, or need something.

I had almost two hours, and gas to burn (because really, a long drive to another town to pick up one thing?), and it was nice out.

I started to notice the world around me. Started (as so often I do) with the sunlight in the leaves of the trees. Thank you, God, for leaves. (So. Cal. no winter here…sorry!)

I drove on and thoughts of a blog post came to mind.

In the moment, driving, enjoying the day, alone with my thoughts, thanking God for beauty around me (keeping an eye to the shore for any leaping dolphins in between watching the traffic) I was inspired. It felt marvelous!

Grace pouring out.

Ideas flowing.

But, how to catch the ideas before they flew away?

After the third idea I remembered my smartphone. I don’t use it to capacity, for sure. I am slow to fiddle with it. I thought of a microphone app that I downloaded for my dad on his iPad, but hadn’t on my phone, but then I realized I could use notes. Just hit the notes app button and the microphone button next to the spacebar. Surely that was okay while driving? Eyes on the road, glance, speak, glance.

It worked!

In the past I have actually grabbed a notebook and pen, writing without looking, one handed on the wheel! Or waited for a red light to jot my thoughts (no red light on the freeway).

So while others have been posting about how they need to get away from their technologies and have some time for boredom to be inspired (see the link below). I hear their warning from my baby steps into technology spot and am thankful to use the simple help of my still relatively new smartphone (4S).

Look for upcoming blog posts on:
John 15
Engaging the enemy in love
Why I homeschool my one-and-only
Sharing books with your kids

Now to find the time to sit and write them!

Grace abounding…
Thanks and praise to God!

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