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Grace Visits


Last night I dropped Ravinia off at the Presbyterian church for a Santa Barbara Missions Conference that she was attending (without me!) with her Montecito Covenant Church group (we’re Lutherans, how’s that for ecumenical?) and I was greeted and given a card-oversized bookmark and invited to visit the table of this group after checking in.

I was offered a free book.

I made sure to go visit.

On the way, right next to this table, was a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, there with her husband, to tell others about their ministry. Instead we visited awhile, catching up.

Then just before time was up I turned to the table, something about Water.

I’d read a novel series about Wells in Africa (novels being my prime learning arena) so I was interested. But I was blown away by the subtitle of the free book, “A Study in the Gospel of John” because here was God again confirming that this was a year to be studying John. It started last summer when I read ahead (of Ravinia) with a Hello Mornings group, and then her school Bible has been on John, and recently Ann has started her group memorizing and reflecting on key passages (Ravinia already has them down, but maybe not the references-just chapters). So now, I picked up Waiting for Water with delight.

I’m glad I visited!

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Comments on: "Grace Visits" (4)

  1. This is wonderful! I am also memorizing some of the key scriptures in John with Ann. Such a nice FMF post! Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you so much for your story. I love it when God confirms His promptings with tangible evidence. Vising from FMF. God Bless You!

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