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Living Loved


Bonnie wrote about being the Beloved.
Diana wrote about surfers and Obedience.
I went to church and heard about Jesus’ baptism, and how we never hear about the Imitation of Christ as applies to baptism.
It all got me thinking.
Actually, in church I felt like composing a blog post, but it wouldn’t be right to do it there, and then you know as I interacted with people and followed through on my tasks for the day it faded away.

But the ideas stayed. Live like the beloved. Monday was good.

Today I set aside the rat race fear I have that I have to accomplish school work first before getting to have fun. I read an email and responded long. Let me back up and tell the story briefly.

Our homeschool group mail is for anyone: a Place for All Things Homeschool. I’d read a “help” message asking if anyone had experience with a dyslexic child. I just shot back a “Yep, I do, let me know how I can help.” private email. Then others posted public responses telling how many resources there were in our community. I felt like my response had been, well, less than helpful.

So today’s email took me by surprise. Turns out the family is not in the US. Turns out she asked quite a few questions that I was excited to answer. So I let my 13 year old sleep in and I answered. Poured out ideas and encouragement, links and free helps. A small thought: am I wasting valuable teaching time? was quelled. Just finish, then check on the kid…and she was up and getting ready. So we flouted the clock and did the next thing…and schooling went well.

Then I got back the email that said, “Wow…exactly what I need…just…wow.” and I read that email to Ravinia and our eyes saw deep into each other.

“See? Your struggles are helping this lady!”

“That God could use my weakness?” Ravinia said.

“His strength is made perfect in our weakness,” I quoted to her, “and now we see what that means!”

We praised him together. We were blessed.

You know the story of the person who is throwing sea stars back into the water? How someone says, “What’s the good of that, there are so many?” and the response, “It matters to this one.”
It’s okay not to be a big shot.
It’s perfect to be God’s one shot for one person.
God’s good!

All THANKS and PRAISE to him from whom all blessings flow.

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Comments on: "Living Loved" (6)

  1. Thank you Beth for the lovely post. How beautiful to see God working. 🙂
    love you, friend,

  2. Agreed. It doesn’t matter if our words help one person or ten. It is beautiful when we can give help through our experiences.
    You alluded to a message on baptism. Different viewpoints about baptism created much controversy in my life–I grew up in the Lutheran Church, was married in the Reformed Church, spent 10 years in a Baptist Church and currently my husband & I are members of the Evangelical Free Church. I am finally at peace and grateful that we had the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River. Thank-you for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol. My own church map includes all of the same churches, in differing order (PCA, CRC, Baptist church school, EFC, and now Lutheran!), isn’t that interesting?

  3. What a beautiful story. Isn’t it wonderful how we grow into the place that we can scrap the clock and the calendar (somewhat, on some days!) and just let life and learning happen around us? I loved this story. What a beautiful testimony and affirmation to your daughter of God’s truth and redemption in her life! This is an Ebenezer for her: God uses even the weak things in me. I so appreciate you sharing this.

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