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I just got a book free on Kindle with that title, and now Lisa Jo picks it for our five minute Friday? Amazing. Set the clock.

From a book called Taming the Dragons, I read to my English class that women fight differently from men, that Wonder Woman was created to show that women fight for justice, to protect, and to heal. I read it to a mixed class and all week thereafter my heart burned within me to apologize to the boys. Indeed?

Women and men fight for justice. Police have it written on their cars: to protect. A bad argument must be fought through to the resolution for healing in a relationship that matters. Sadly, now that women have freedom outside the home, I can see women bullying, women power hungry, women crushing the weaker in an argument. It’s not gender based, is it?

Fight right.

Win through to glory.

I keep thinking of Ma Ingalls: how she loved her people, and fought her own fears, cabin fever, and surely temptation to let down her guard instead of always being mindful that the children would hear (so she cut off tales of horror with, “All’s well that ends well!”). It wasn’t until Laura went to teach her own school and stayed with a family where the lady was crazed with cabin fever that I really started to think back to how Ma fought and won through in her own heart.

Fight the good fight!

Five Minute Friday


Comments on: "Fight" (2)

  1. It’s so true that both men and women fight for justice and that both can fight wrong. The idea that men and women fight differently had me agreeing though. Not in that way, of course. But I’m just thinking about how women can fight more tenderly. Like Ma Ingalls, always aware of the littles around her, fighting to protect them. Protecting them a different way than Pa. It’s empowering to think of it that way, especially since fight isn’t usually a women’s word. Passion is, but fight isn’t.
    What interesting thoughts I am left with, thank you for sharing!
    Visiting from Five Minute Friday đŸ™‚

  2. ” A bad argument must be fought through to the resolution for healing in a relationship that matters.”
    This is really great, Beth. Thank you.
    “how Ma fought and won through in her own heart.”
    Thank you for writing these thoughts.
    bless you my friend,

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