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In the Nativity Story


Who are you relating to this year as you ponder Christmas?

Last year I was struck by Mary, how she received direct revelation (a visit from an angel) only once. She said yes, and then she had to trust God at work in other people. Had to trust Joseph, that he would believe a dream angel. (right?) Twice!

In my life it is me that receives from God, in dreams or impressions or scripture verses that come to my mind. I was struck with the need to trust God to work in my husband.

This year though, I am with Elizabeth.

I am an Elisabeth.

I had a child in my old age, after many (11) years of marriage.

I held my child, born two months before Christmas, and learned so much of what it is like to have a baby. Christmas made sense: I received gifts preparatory to the baby’s coming, and after the baby’s coming. So Christmas isn’t just one day.

That child is now 13.

I am feeling old!

I watched the Nativity story movie with Ravinia and she said, “Mom, this movie really brought it all together for me.” We talked plenty about how accurate to the Biblical account the movie is and how they couldn’t film certain things and didn’t film others. I am pretty reassured that she knows where it deviates from Biblical truth. So I love watching it with her.

Elizabeth’s smile captivated me.

How did they find the actor? She’s so perfectly cast. Her greeting to Mary, not even knowing Mary was coming, is just precious. The joy she portrays.

She, Elizabeth, has a baby in her womb in her old age and a husband who cannot speak. A husband struck dumb before the Lord, humbled in his priestly area of strength. I suppose she could feel bad for him. But I see them waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of God. They fight what others might think in silent joy.

Their baby comes.

Zechariah writes, on the eighth day, “his name is John,” and speech is restored. He goes on to speak, prophetically:

And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him, to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven. Luke 1:76-78 NIV

Elizabeth, like Mary, receives of the Lord.
Like Sarah, she receives the impossible in her old age.
Unlike Sarah, she receives the promise immediately, she has a humbled husband, she rejoices over a younger cousin with an even greater baby.

I have received of the Lord, a child. Born at a time the Lord appointed, for a purpose and a calling that she will walk in, to the delight of her parents and the glory of God, because of the tender mercy of our God.

With my husband, I am in a time of waiting silently before the Lord, for the revelation of his promises to us. Not a baby this time, but still a future and a hope.

Rejoice in the Lord (with me) for I will yet praise him, my King and my God.

With whom do you connect this Advent season?

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Comments on: "In the Nativity Story" (5)

  1. How wonderful that God gave you a daughter! I enjoyed reading about the special time you shared watching the Nativity Story. I am drawn to Elizabeth also. We have no record of an angel visit to Elizabeth, but she was expectantly waiting for the Messiah. Her joy and obedience is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Beth! Waiting in joy and hope with you!
    love you!

  3. what a beautiful tale you tell, of His love and His promises!
    May your Christmas be filled with His joy and His peace…

  4. Well said Beth! I suppose I am most relating to the wise men this Advent. Faithfully following the light that He has revealed to guide us on our journey towards transition.

  5. Beautiful to read this as a follow-up to our talk yesterday. You are loved! And so easy to love. Grateful to for you, fellow writer, friend, and sister in faith . . .   Peace to you and yours, Sarah (and Scott)

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