Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Eucharist and pox

The doctor ruled out fleas.
Bedbugs would bite in threes.
Spiders? It would have to have been a nest.
Not mosquitoes, that didn’t bite the rest…

It’s hard to diagnose chicken pox
on a kid that’s been vaccinated.

She had been so worried.
The first bumps she saw, she thought
“Chicken pox?”
But I said, “Really?” having never seen it
and then we didn’t want to think of
Fleas (our dear dog!)
They popped up on her arms mostly, during a day.
They were smaller than mosquito bites.
I called the nurse who suggested Baking Soda baths no matter what kind of bite it is.
On the second day they were larger red circles with little yellow spots and I called back to the doctor’s office and got an appointment.
That’s when the doctor ruled out other things and was fairly certain of chicken pox.

Inform the neighbors.
Can’t go to the party.
Stay home from the pool.
One more week before school.
Aloneness instead of free play.
Feels like rejection.

Some kids came to her window to talk to her.
Their mom brought chairs for them to sit on.
Even I felt the love of that action.
She lay on her bed and talked through the window for hours.

But today we went to church.
We forgot.
When we got there we checked with people.
“Have you had chicken pox?”
Yes, some of them had.
No, some others hadn’t.
They’d stay away from her, not touch during the peace.
Maybe, she should sit outside?
Finally someone said she shouldn’t be here.
She overreacted.

The pain of rejection was just too much.
From her church, her small start-up church family!
So I brought her home, held her on my lap.
After a while she started to think of baking and I started to check email.
I saw this and we watched together.
Oh, God is good.
In the pain of rejection,
Ravinia got up to make mini-cupcakes to share with friends.

She rose from the pain of rejection to make cupcakes.
And I just sit here and say thank you Lord.
I missed church, missed eucharist.
But I know eucharisteo: I thank God.


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