Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


I can get a lot done when I run at top speed. But then it is hard to listen to the Lord in his word or to be calm to hear right the things I’m told: my girl’s insight, my father’s speech, my husband’s reach.

So I listen better when I slow, when I say some no to things not so important. When double tasking, just be asking where my heart is. If it sings, with glory rings, all is well and done with love come from above: wisdom.

Like a part played by heart in a chorus Love played for us, listen. Am I bowing with full motion? Is my finger full of strength? Is my arm relaxed? Can I hold the note I’ve learned, accent here, play softer there, watching my conductor? Instruments vary. Skills will differ. Each one listening, plays a part of beauty.


Thanking and praising God for a wonderful week at
Suzuki Camp Santa Barbara, and
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Comments on: "Listen" (1)

  1. Beth, I really enjoyed this about listening and being part of a chorus. The one has to be done for the chorus to succeed. Patti

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