Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Five Minute Friday. Where we just write for 5 without worrying if it is right or not. Lisa Jo leads it, picks a prompt, and her post was really sweet to me this morning. You can find it here:
Five Minute Friday


There is a Song that Jesus gives me
It is sent from heaven above
and when it’s playing in my background
I can do all things in love!

In my heart there rings a melody
assuring of his love for me
holding through a tempest sea
in my heart there plays a hymnody
that helps me do all things in love!

When I wake up to the singing
Joy and gratitude can flow
I can depend on Jesus bringing
Confidence I would not know

When my heart rings with a melody
-come praising God with me-
Christ says evil will flee
When my heart rings with his melody
I will walk through my day with love!

(Slighly edited, roughly 5 minutes, can you sing it?)


Comments on: "Song" (9)

  1. I love it! I don’t recognize it? Did you write it?

    • Hi Leslie! I wrote these words to the tune of an old song I guess I learned as a child. It’s pretty singsongy, and starts out the same, “I have a song that Jesus gave me, it was sent from heaven above. There never was a sweeter melody, it’s the melody of love!” Thanks for writing and God bless you today!

  2. Oh l love it… and I can sing it! Thank you friend.

  3. Nice! And yes, I can sing it. This brings back many memories from my early years. This song always made me smile. Love your slight edits!!!

    • So glad! I’m feeling the need to edit the second line, “assuring me of his love” might fit the melody better, yes? Ah but what can you do in five minutes? I enjoyed the bubbling up of this song, themes I’ve been seeing God do in me, depending, his assurance, confidence in him. I like your play on Daye with day by day and o happy day; you’ve got the songs in your heart too!

  4. Oh this is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Thank you Beth, that was lovely.

    I can picture you singing it in my minds eye.

    thank you.

    I hope your Sunday is going okay and I am praying your dinner tonight will be great.

    Love you,


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