Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

April Poetry

I was over at an outdoor poetry writing event where I looked at the picture of the Bronte sisters that their brother drew (and his own form is shadowed out). It sparked this poem:


Was it because you
Your sisters better than yourself
Weren’t satisfied with self
Portraiture –
How to capture
Or recapture
A spirit spent

Admiring sisters
They didn’t mean to overshadow
Yet your gift,
In painting them,
Is precious to those who love their works

And your self-effacing
Does not diminish your gift,
Bran well Bronte!


Today, thinking about how I didn’t know if the poet I showed it to was just encouraging me or really thought it was good (and I signed it for them and left it to be put on a poetry blog), I remembered an incident of years ago, and wrote this:

All Write

I want to write poetry, I said,
some grand notion floating in my head.
What Ed said to me then
gave concrete shape to my poetic bent:

Poetry for fame and forture or
Poetry like we all write?

Beth Werner Lee


Comments on: "April Poetry" (1)

  1. Nice! And perfect timing for National Poetry Month. 🙂

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