Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Thursday of Holy Week

“Say, Bad Mommy!” I will tell my daughter with a grin when she wakes up.

She’s been sleeping late today because she has a cold and she desperately wants to be well.

This weekend.

Good Friday.
Easter Vigil.
Easter Sunday.

Friends are coming to visit. The first friends she had as a baby/toddler/preschooler. Sleepover two nights. Baking and egg dying and she just has to be well!

So I’ll cheer her with that game we play: bad Mommy means I stayed up all night finishing a book. Yesterday I caught her reading ahead in it and playfully scolded her. Because Amon’s Adventure is getting exciting, and we are wondering, in the book is it Amon’s father who will be the thief (wrongly accused) who acknowledges Jesus and is told he will be in paradise? It’s a read aloud, and usually it helps the reader to know the story ahead of time. But that’s just an excuse.

She knows it.

But she doesn’t mind because she is grateful to be read to.

Tonight in the story it is Passover. Tonight we will also hold a Passover dinner, proclaiming Jesus our Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

The table will be set.


The middle of three large pieces of matzah, the unity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) -the middle one- will be broken, will be wrapped in linen, will be hidden while we eat, and will be found and in the end be feasted upon, remembering Jesus saying, “This is my body, broken for you.”

Passover is for all ages, but especially it is for the children. Yesterday afternoon with neighbor kids we were six around the table with the pages Ann offers at Tonight we will be many more, with our pastor leading, and will use the materials from Celebrating Biblical Feasts, by Martha Zimmerman. We will eat lamb, roasted as God said to, remmebering Jesus our passover. We will also eat chicken legs, to have a bone on our plate, to acknowledge and pray for the Jews who do’t eat lamb at their seders because they miss the temple in Jerusalem.

Ravinia has woken up now, and as I finish writing this, thinking about the fun of preparations for tonight, I want to tell you how she came out, happy to tell me her imaginative storied dream, to tell me that her throat is better now, just dry from sleeping, that she would take some tea. I’ll read Amon to her.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for answered prayers.

Thank you for holding us through the hard time yesterday and providing relief and a joyous time with the kids. Bless them with more of you.

Thank you for today.

Whatever you do today, dear friends, may Jesus bless you with more of himself and may your hearts be filled with grateful joy.

Christ our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed for us!

Therefore let us keep the feast!

All thanks and praise to you, O God.


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