Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Follow and Rest

Running so behind or constantly distracted
Jesus says follow me
Wondering what I need to do most today
Jesus says take my yoke upon you
Trying to teach my child things difficult to understand
Jesus says and learn from me
Shopping here and there for the best deals
Jesus says and I will give you
Off schedule again and eating emotionally
Jesus says rest.

Bonnie leads us on follow

Lisa Jo prompts rest
Five Minute Friday

And I have three more minutes to write!

It’s been a spring break week here. That means, in our faculty community that all the profs are off but all the kids are still in school so families don’t vacation together. We have hunkered down this week too, although homeschooling allows us to set our breaks with daddy’s. We’ve been reading and watching movies connected to World War 2 because there was so much! I have to stop the curriculum sometimes and just have a reading break, which is delightful.

There were many deaths, both soldiers and persecuted peoples. There were many heroes also. We read of Corrie ten Boom, of Anne Frank, and some less famous people who were part of the resistance, of people on farms who took in children. You think, “I would be one of those,” but you don’t really know if you would. That’s what my librarian friend said to me, and I quickly, unthinkingly responded, “That’s why it’s important to practice doing right in the little things everyday.”


Thanks and praise to God.


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