Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Often when I tell people my tag name they hear highheartedly and think wholeheartedly. Perhaps it’s not that dissimilar. Holley Gerth today posted a wonderful meditation on living wholeheartedly, and challenged us to do so, figuring out what our hearts fully embrace with joy and how to listen to half hearted responses from within, acknowledge them and work with them. She asked, how does this relate to your God-sized dream?
I have a threefold dream this year.

Writing Bible studies on Titus for my daughter because Beth Moore hasn’t yet (last year we discovered her James study while memorizing James ourselves) doesn’t have to be slave labor. I missed a week and felt guilty, but better to skip than to slop something together. Also, I’m not Beth Moore, I’m Beth Lee. Free to be me, to do it for Ravinia, and to post it in case anyone else wants to read my thoughts on the text. (See tomorrow’s!)

Similarly, writing on Mondays has to be wholeheartedly acknowledged as worthy of setting aside time for. I haven’t gotten to projects that are simmering on the back burner, but carving out and loving the still time of expression on computer is blessing me. It’s the small voice I enjoy when I take the time. Sometimes I hear it while driving, I used to while sailing and singing my heart out alone on a lake in the Adirondacks.

Wholehearted about a church plant. There are four of us in the core team, and I tend to value the others more than myself and be amazed when I suggest something and they run with it, as if they would never have thought of that. I’m learning to rest in God’s gifts and thank him for them whether they are in me or my teammates. Rich Mullins had a song about that.

I think I’ve written before about how God worked out the timing of our church plant, how we couldn’t start until all were wholeheartedly ready. Now that we have six weeks of Epiphany behind us, we look forward to Ash Wednesday and changing our name from the Epiphany project to Prince of Peace Lutheran. Instead of two professors offering a taste of historic Lutheran worship on campus, we will be a small fellowship renting the building. It’s the next step!

I went and put posters up at Blenders, Starbucks, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It was fun, and I was wholeheartedly happy. It was a small thing, and yet I pray it has some effectiveness. I hope we print business cards that everyone can take and use as their own. I also hope we reach out to local churches in the city, loving and acknowledging the body of Christ in its various forms.

I look forward very highheartedly to offering a Purim party! But first comes Ash Wednesday that others in our group are wholeheartedly planning and in which I will have some part.

All thanks and praise to God!


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