Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Clutter {confessions}


I’m guilty.

I didn’t use to have such problems with clutter, growing up. Was that because I didn’t have much to clutter? Was it because my mom was good at keeping things tidy (she really was, and she worked a full school year and cooked and sewed in the evenings!)? Perhaps because it was only me that I was responsible for, and having others to take care of, I never spend enough time on my own things?

Clutter happens when things pile up, waiting for me to attend to them. Clutter just looks awful to others who don’t know my intent. It is a pretty bad sign, isn’t it?

Clutter is a sign of my internal state as well, just like (for myself anyway) being overweight is. I clean up, I attack the clutter, but there is always somewhere that a pile grows. There is only the moving of stuff to be dealt with later.

A friend introduced me to Fly Lady and that is where I learned to call it clutter, and to try to declutter frequently. Fly Lady is a cheerleader and a mom for anyone who needs motherly training in keeping a home.

But for me, Fly Lady’s details and community didn’t stick. I’m glad she showed me my problem, and I gained some tips but it wasn’t the grace I needed to change from the inside.

I made a connection between clutter and being overweight. Both, for me, are signs of emotional imbalance. Maybe spiritual as well. The reason I know is because in the fall of 2004 I went easily from 189 pounds to 149 without dieting. I read a book. I saw a counselor. My perspective changed when the counselor showed me lies I had believed and when the book showed me how to eat only when hungry and stop when satisfied. Both book and counselor addressed my emotions and my spirit life.

But I went through some struggles, and gained a few pounds. I am now recovering perspective, thanks to God’s grace!

Making the connection to clutter, is my house an extension of my spirit?
Am I to care for my things as a steward does? Asking:
“God, what is your will for this?” and waiting for his answer?!
Was this a project you wanted me to do, or was this just an impulse buy, and now what can I do with it?
Is there someone else I should give it to?

I believe God can guide me. Maybe with a word, or maybe someone will come ask me for the specific thing, or maybe set it out, in a garage sale, or whatever.

I don’t want to use the word declutter. (Just like I didn’t diet but had a lifestyle change based on truth.)

I want the word stewardship, unless you can recommend a better one?
All thanks and praise to God, who leads us in triumphal procession in Christ Jesus!

Linking up with Faith Barista who suggested the word clutter and posted more beautifully than I (please go read hers!):


Comments on: "Clutter {confessions}" (4)

  1. Oh this is very good. Thank you for being so open and sharing your struggles and finding a way to approach it with a change in perspective.

  2. The tie between the clutter and emotional imbalance is an interesting one to me. I tend to just say “it’s because I’m busy,” but in all honesty there are also things going on in my emotional and spiritual arenas that are likely feeding my own clutter issues. “Is my house an extension of my spirit?” Thanks for helping me put two and two together.

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