Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Beloved at Breakfast

I wish you could have been here.

My 12 year old creative daughter made Almond Coconut French Toast for us this morning. It was so delightful. She said I could take pictures and post her recipe on the blog for you!


I had said last night that this loaf of bread would make good French toast. She dreamed up the almond milk instead of regular, a touch of almond extract, frying it in coconut oil (thanks for sharing, Grandpa!) and toasting coconut to go on top. It was *a treat*!

When we pray, Give us this day our daily bread, do we ever think, “this would make good French toast”?

Or wake up and think, almond and coconut?

Can we just think in our praying minds of all the wonderful daily bread he has given?

I had no idea she was making this wonderful breakfast. We had taken a shower together and I had finished first and sat reading emails or something while she blow dried her hair. She left the room and I went to trim and blow dry mine. I could hear that she was doing something in the kitchen, getting herself some breakfast, I thought. Good. We can get to work when I get there.

See? Task oriented. Sometimes too worried about getting everything in to our school day. Sometimes too focused on leading and not enough on loving. I never think this is who I am.

But there she was, at the stove, when I came out, and she told me what she’d dreamed up and it smelled so delicious! There was a piece already made, and I laughed and said, “I had just thought we’d have bagels, not something so fancy!”

She served me the one still hot and microwaved her own.

She toasted the coconut because we both find the texture better toasted.

We poured maple syrup, and we prayed.

The beloved, sitting at breakfast, is the one who receives.

What she receives nourishes her.

She knows from whom all good things come, so she can see the Giver behind the giver of each good and perfect gift, and she can live
with thanks and praise!


Comments on: "Beloved at Breakfast" (4)

  1. Remain open to receive. Yes, this.

  2. “I never think this is who I am.” <– I so relate to that! I think I am a woman who does all things for God, but I'm constantly reminded how far I fall short and that He loves me anyway. The french toast looks delicious!

  3. I’ve been reading that early Christianity did full meals for communion. I thought of that when I read this post.

  4. “Sometimes too focused on leading and not enough on loving”
    That’s me, too. 😦

    “The beloved, sitting at breakfast, is the one who receives.”
    Beautiful. Glad you were able to receive.

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