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One Word for 2013

Have you heard of this idea of finding one word that your next year is going to be about? Instead of thinking up resolutions or goals or getting caught up in impossible ideals, you pick, or pray for, or watch your year for a focus, a way of seeing what growth area God wants to move in you.

I first heard about this from Ann Voskamp a few years ago, without much explanation but just modelling, and her word for this year is {With}In. Pretty fancy with the brackets, right? I’m not sure I can link you to that exact post, but try clicking here.

Ann linked to the book called My One Word: Change Your Life with Just One Word, and I’ve never read it, but that must explain what I see these bloggers doing. I liked what I saw so I joined in with Bonnie last year.

Bonnie, the Faith Barista, led a group of writers to ponder their one word for the year, and then she made a collage of the ones that were similar. Very cool. She’s asking it again!

First Ann models and then Bonnie hosts. I love it. I seem to need the two punch approach. Fine.

My One Word for 2013?
Photo on 2011-08-13 at 07.00
As the new year turned to 2013, a certain verse kept repeating in my head. It was something Moses said, “Unless you lead me Lord, we will not go up from here.”

There are God-sized dreams that I am excited about.
That I trust he is leading on.
That are so big (to me anyway) that if he is not leading on, I die.
Flail? Fall? No, die is the right word.

A new church?

Who dreams that, in her right mind, while she homeschools and supports her professor husband and Parkinson’s father in the home?
Those ideas that have stayed around forever, that Mary has been waiting for (not to mention older ones Irene knows about)?
Oh Lord!
Unless you lead me, I cannot move!

He gave me a cold in the head, and set me lovingly to half-sail, and we began.

Arabah Joy gave me the reference to that verse about small beginnings.
Zechariah 4:10 says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin . . .” (NLT)

Had I not prayed about this church thing for two years? Struggling to see how it could ever come about? A year ago suggesting a Sunday evening vespers service in our home to my resident theologian, and he ran with it.
Did I not credit God?

If I do not depend on God, then I am sitting there worrying about people coming, people understanding, people being blessed.

If I do not depend on God, then when I get up to read scripture I am self conscious, bothered by how I read or if I’m loud enough.

If I do not depend on God, then when I miss a note in the choir anthem (I was one fifth of the group, after all!) or end a word too soon (oops) then I will stew over that and not love the words, the music, the people listening.

But praise and thank the Lord, I did!
Dependently, I stood up to read, waited while Maurice explained the next bit of the service, and then read expressively, loving the Word.
Dependently, I saw that 19 people had come altogether, and thanked God for bringing whom he would. It is his work, to bring people to himself, and to feed them.
Dependently, I sang. I enjoyed it, and was thankful for a strong soprano next to me.

It is work, four of us putting on a church service, but it is joy too. Joy makes the work like play, and God be glorified. I pray that he guards our hearts, that he grows this work of his that he prepared beforehand that we could walk in (Eph 2:10)!

Pretty graphic lovingly sent to me by Melanie from

As I wrote this post to link up with Bonnie at

and with Ann’s gratitude community at

Today is Monday January 14, and I signed up for the {in}RL bloggers conference that meets locally in April. Do you blog, and would you like to check it out? Registration is free (and easy!) this year. Just click here. Hope to see you soon!


Comments on: "One Word for 2013" (8)

  1. What a great Word… and list.. and wow – praying for you and the leap… knowing His reward is great and beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News! (Eph 2:10 is our family verse… LOVE that!) I found you via Ann and the multitudes on mondays link up! Blessings, ~Karrilee~

  2. Praying for you as you go through the year, depending on Him.

  3. Really good word.

  4. Awesome! Sometimes I think I can do things on my own. I am nothing without the Lord! I depend on HIM daily!!
    Thanks for stopping by MercySavedMe!

  5. Hi Beth! I wanted to circle back and let you know how special it was to hear your one word for the new year — “dependently”. Thanks for being a part of the faith jam and sharing where the journey of faith has you on. What beautiful reflections on where God is speaking to you!

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