Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Light a Candle

Light a Candle to Watch for Messiah
We sing it at church, when lighting the Advent candle.

I light my candle of the day, and it sits there, a single flame in a community of candles.

Do you ever feel like that? The only one lit?
It may not be quite true, but it feels lonely.
So, then, pray either for your eyes to be open to others’ flames
or for your flame to kindle theirs.
That is what I pray, today
for my church,
for my neighborhood,
for the nation in tragedy
because a community of light shining together
can warm the heart of the world.

My devotion today was on forgiveness.

The person at the checkout yesterday told me to wear blue and yellow on Monday; it’s the colors of the school in CT where shooting made a rent in the joy of the season. Made a pause in all the shopping, and I thanked her.

She plans to wear a blue and yellow ribbon, and I said she would probably bring the rolls to work and offer it to customers. No, on Monday she’ll be at her UPS job, so she’s planning to drop off little ribbon bouteniers at every house. I blurted out, “Melissa, you’re a blessing!”

I hadn’t known at first if she was a boy or a girl. You know when that happens? I was wondering if underneath her uniform she had signs of goth, tatoos, whatever. Was she a dangerous person?

So it sort of blew me away when she showed such obvious compassion, and spread the news to strangers that there’s a way to show we care, there’s a way to stand with the suffering.

Ah, judgment in me dies hard. Thankfully I sip at the well of grace. Melissa you don’t look like a honey bee, but you are pouring out a honey heart.

I was wearing a dress of green velveteen yesterday and a red vest and another customer, leaving the store as I had come in had said, “I like your little seasonal outfit” and it felt backhanded, bothering me as I shopped.

Woe is me! (to take a variation on Isaiah) I wear too much and I live among a people who wear too much and my heart has seen the King of Glory.

I lit my candle this morning, and Mary’s sitting there in the sunlight
in her blue and yellow dress.


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  1. Looking forward to God-sized dreaming with you in 2013, girl! 🙂

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