Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Advent Devotions

December is such a full month.

I do like it, all the special things going on and yummy treats to eat.
So when I saw candles at Trader Joes again (seasonal only) in late November,
I bought three packs to have new for my wreath.

Dayspring had an advent calendar that I loved, because you move a heart from pocket to pocket, down through the days, but while looking there I also saw a free download, a little page a day which I accepted and printed out, cut up and slipped in a baggie.

I couldn’t find the carved Mary on a donkey that goes with the candle wreath, but as I was unpacking one of our nativity sets (I hope to stick to only three!) I realized that I wanted Joseph in the scene too this year.

Busy as it has been, each morning I wake and come to the front room, pull out a candle from the box, trim its wick and bottom edge (so it will fit into the holes which might be a tad too small?), light all the candles in order, so far, and sit to read my moment of devotional: a scripture, a promise, a question. That’s my morning moment! In all the crazy rush of the days, I am amazed that I have not forgotten once!

I share this with you today in gratitude and joy and because a friend asked about the “snail of candles” on my table, where she could get one! I directed her to the website, but wanted to see if I could add a link directly.

How is your Advent? Are you also Christmas shopping or is it waiting until you have time, like mine is? I should qualify that: my shopping for food (and candles) has started but shopping for presents (to mail!) is waiting. Do you have lovely plans for Christmas? (No? Can you join us?)

Tonight we go to the sing along Messiah where I will probably sing myself hoarse once again,
All Thanks and Praise to God!


Comments on: "Advent Devotions" (2)

  1. Rosemary Bluman said:

    Dear Beth, Thanks for sharing your post. How we need our quiet timers during these busy days!

    Hope you are doing well. I am in Alabama because Kelly recently broke her foot. And that with Jamie deployed. The children are wonderful but with their ages (2, 4, 6, and 9) mean that there are many needs. We are very, constantly busy! But watch the mail for a package for a birthday and Christmas remembrance. One item is for Ravinia. I think you’ll recognize it. I am here somewhat indefinitely. Love ans prayers, Rosie

    • Rosie! Thank you. Wouldn’t you know, today I woke up later than Ravinia and all did not go well most of the day. So sad, but good in the end. I am glad you can be there with the kids, and I’m especially glad to hear from you!

        Beth Werner Lee: Child of God through faith in Christ Jesus, daughter of John and Helen, wife of Maurice, mother of Ravinia, friend, Homeschooling teacher (grade 7,; Artios History teacher; Westmont Continuo section leader; Homemaker


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