Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Leaf Glory

Evening of a beautiful day, 10/20/12 New Haven, CT

I love the layering of colors.

The yellows

and the reds.

This is morning sun in Branford the next day, 10/21/12:

I learned the beauty of orange and blue:

I reveled in wealth of color with a friend.

Leaves framing buildings on the Branford green:

Two favorites:

So much beauty, God’s gift to my heart.

Here’s two for my photography class assignment:

Thank you for looking at my pictures! It’s satisfying to share beauty with a friend who can be blessed by it. May God indeed bless you day by day.
All thanks and praise to Him!


Comments on: "Leaf Glory" (2)

  1. Wow. Thanks for showing these.
    You’re in a photography class? Nice!

    • Thank you for looking! It is so fun to share beauty with loved ones, isn’t it? (All the more so after saying goodbye to one who had a knack for it.)

      Yes, my photography class is a parent/child one offered at our local Artios school (google it)! I’m learning things! It’s fun too, to take a class together with my one and only student. Teacher told her she is like me, but I think he brings out a good side in both of us. Creative and bold.

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