Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Look at the corn

Look at the fields ripe for harvest, Jesus says in my Bible, and you know what? Our fields are just a few corn plants put in late, and that they grew at all is wonderful.
They’re not cornfields like Ann posts about.
They’re just what we have, and today I asked Ravinia to pick them.
Living in the moment, not letting myself give way to fear, thanking the Lord for what he has provided, I rejoice even in small ears of corn, corn that actually grew, corn that may be sweet after all, reality and beauty in the small things. Life in the moment.
Look at what is.
Thank God for it.
Look to him and celebrate.
Eat and enjoy, and perhaps we will have candy corn for dessert!

Posting with other brave 5 minute Friday writers:
Five Minute Friday


Comments on: "Look at the corn" (4)

  1. The corn looked cool, even if you couldn’t eat it. 😉 I’ve never seen such small corn husks! they’re really cute! And I love the idea of having candy corn (I haven’t had any yet this october, will have to go get some!) 🙂 I hopped over from five minute friday. 🙂

  2. stopping by from five minute friday….LOVE this post and the reminder to thank God for what He’s provided–big and small! “Look to Him and celebrate”–Amen.

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