Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Neither Judge nor Jury

I hadn’t taken care of it ahead of time.

I was caught.

Two places at once, how can we?

I had to go to jury duty,
so I wrote to my boss, wrote detailed notes for my substitute,
and I even thought to thank God that Ravinia would be in school
while I was in jury duty.

But I woke at 5:30, stressed to get everywhere on time.
Ravinia up, exercise, shower, breakfast, car by 7:00.
To Artios, set up room, lay out pages, cd player, shirts and a string for children to wear pretending to be monks working in a scriptorium, listening to CHANT, while I…

Drove downtown worried about getting there on time,
I prayed, “Lord, I’m getting worried about the time,
please be in charge of my time. You are so much better at it than I.”

Thanked him when I got to the lot with enough time to walk.
Thanked him for an easy spot to park in.
Walked in to find only a few people in the room; confused I asked and was told it was 9:00 that we were supposed to arrive!

What to do?
Get coffee out somewhere.
I walked a couple blocks, thinking Starbucks on State
but before that I walked in to Jeanine’s and bought a bear claw and a coffee.
They had almond milk for my coffee at the bar (thanks!)
and I sat outside with my treat and my iPad and caught up on mail and
thought of Mom who introduced me to bear claws or almond croissants and
thought of how I should bring Maurice here because he’d really love this.

And watched the time,
and walked back, to sit in the room
with my bag full of yarn to crochet or book to read and food to eat,
my purse full of iPad and cds and phone and normal things.
Waited until the room wasn’t really full and the lady started,
telling us what we’d be doing: checking in, watch a movie, receive instructions.

I crocheted, working on a sailboat, got pretty far along,
and when she came to tell us that the bad news was the case hit a snag
but the good news was now we’ve all done our civic duty for a year,
and it wasn’t quite 10am, I packed that crochet right up.

I got to go back to teach the fun class on monasteries, got to TA for my TA who was on a roll teaching the class, got to read great stories while the older class lettered Psalm 8 in Old English script, got to take a photography class with Ravinia, got to come home and rest and thank and praise God!

Ravinia took this one before the class started.

One our teacher brought that I really liked.

One I took when our teacher was taking family group shots to learn our names.

My gratitude list:

Watching Ravinia at Artios
Teaching little ones
Seeing them at the park the next day!

For cool misty morning,
For friends to visit and work together
For sunny afternoon, pool weather

Maurice cutting wood, working longer than we thought
Jessika and kids coming to work together
The beauty and wisdom of Jessika’s project
Time for all things necessary
Yummy breakfast for Maurice and leftovers for me

Arriving early for Jury Duty
Time to get coffee, walking to Jeanine’s!
Almond bear claw, good choice!
Almond milk on the barista shelf
All is well at work.


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