Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

September gratitudes

I’ve found the practice of recording gifts in gratitude to God to be helpful. Sometimes I am where I cannot write things down (like, in the car driving) and then there’s the challenge to write three things a day which is fun, like a treasure hunt, except that I didn’t keep that up. So lately, after encouraging a friend to write a list, I thought of just typing it out in the dark on my glowing iPad, and here is my list starting the day after Labor Day. It’s been nice, both to think through the day at the end of the day and also when something happens in my day to file it away mentally for that moment of recall at night.

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First day of school, great strides accomplished
Misunderstanding of chemistry experiment as competition, realized
Mozart music and storybook
Doing Greek together
Missing friends and then finding them available after all
Wanting to go to sleep early, her growing responsibility
A dollar and a frozen fruit bar for the man with a cardboard sign
His joke: man opens bar on the moon, great food but no atmosphere
Maple running away, running and hopping and not coming in reach
Maple finally found, at Homer’s, and tricked into coming to the door
Studying Abraham Lincoln

Second day of school, still up early and ready to start by 8:30
She liked the plan to swim!
Busted mercury thermometer, after telling her all about not breaking it!
She got her science goggles
Couldn’t find swim goggles, ordered another pair on Amazon (Prime)
Biked over, and swam laps, showered after, saw friends
“Use what you have schooling” post on how God provides
School work smooth, partially independent
Blog (Tracie Miles) question, what is your biggest stressor?
The lie I believed was revealed, that I was responsible to keep my people happy.
Rain on the 5th of September, unseasonable, and light
Washing the car in the rain with Ravinia’s help
Buying the ingredients
Ravinia’s meringue cupcakes

Reading Psalm 50:23 He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.
Ravinia ready before I was!
School day three,
Hard writing assignment: How well do I know grammar?
Lori Onishuk’s wealth of books to borrow on Medieval times
Rain splatting down, but not for long
Eileen coming over, to chat and borrow crock pot
Plans for the weekend
Swim goggles arrived today (ready for tomorrow, yay!)
Math book (for the future) also arrived
Dinner prepared easily and early enough

Meg, my friend of years
Driving down the freeways at night
Chatting over a pot of tea
Artios academy, that I get to teach there, 13 weeks
Meeting to introduce the school year
Swimming in Westmont pool, laps
Stopping to rest, admiring mountains, sunshine, roof
Wisdom to do math at home, read in car
Shopping for gifts for Kugaya girls
Finishing the first week back at school
Maple to the Marcellins

Safe driving, not too much traffic in LA
Time with Meg, Myka, and Lina; Starbucks, lunch at their house
Seeing Myka’s picture slide show of their Europe trip
Naps in the car
Arriving just in time to Ty and Dascia’s wedding
Hot sunny weather and cool breezes and lemonade
Don and Ann (she a painter) that we met at the reception
Russ and Tammy that we also met, Tammy a cousin of Ty, 3 girls
Talking homeschool with Tammy, men talking professorial things
Remembering to renew library books when we got home
Remembering to put the beans to soak overnight for chili tomorrow
Some white space time at Starbucks between wedding and reception
Ty, looking proud in uniform and gentlemanly in suit
Dascia, looking gorgeous in wedding dress, beautiful beloved bride

Sunday, getting out the door reasonably early
Westmont choir coming to our church
Delicious lunch afterward
Costco shopping
Driving Frances and Ravinia to Junior Strings
Walking on the beach with Maple, whitespace!
A few things at Vons (thank you for that store, and the ability to buy)
House cleaning in progress, for Sunday dinner tonight
Stirring up chili, meal preparation
Packing for school tomorrow at Artios
Ravinia showing responsibility to get to sleep, wake early
Telling our love story to a couple handfuls of students and grads
Monica’s post on tracking Jesus in Mark, MS style!
My own training, remembering Paul Byer and Caltech days
Putting on the helmet of salvation


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