Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Miss Cupcake

I’d mentioned it casually one time, and this morning, looking over this gift, Ravinia asked me, “Mom, can I really go to culinary school after high school?”

(before college, and work your way through, is what I’d thought when I’d mentioned it, and if it’s just a year (what do I know?) you’ll be able to start college with your friends, most born in 2001)

“Because I want to be the next Martha Stewart.”

Oh honey.

She’s been working through Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes you know. They have really turned out beautifully, some I’ve captured and posted here.

“But they do things with the photography. Not even Martha can make Martha Stewart’s cupcakes perfectly all the time!”

“I know,” she said, “but I’ll go to culinary school and then I’ll open Miss Cupcake’s.”

Let’s not go the route of wondering if cupcakes will be a big deal in 6 or 7 years. She’s not quite 12.

I check my email and see an ad, and for many things I run to the store, but I took a picture of something I was tempted to buy her:

Cupcake apron, pricey

Cupcake towels and potholder, decently priced.

I actually bought the towel on the right (don’t tell) because we have a celebration coming up this Sunday. It’s a party. I was buying gifts for that today.

As I drove home I got to thinking about her statement, wanting to be the next Martha Stewart. My immediate thought was how Katie wanted to be Mother Theresa when she grew up. In the car I thought about Martha’s journey to becoming Martha Stewart Living. What would Ravinia’s journey be?

Martha was a model. Ravinia could be a model, I’ve always thought it. She’s quite interested in drama currently and is on the cusp of starting at Artios, a Monday morning school for History, Art, Music, and Drama. Ravinia would have to wrestle with authenticity, with portraying her own and cutting through others’ lack of it. She’d have to grow thick skin!

Martha was a stockbroker, wasn’t she? Ravinia has a keen energy for business but a clueless head for pricing because she’s so generous; she wants to keep prices really low so neighborhood kids can have as much as they want, and yet give away all the money she makes to her Compassion child. How can you run a business like that?

Martha (and this I totally love) made homemaking lovely. She appealed to the rich who could hire out all their domestic work and she glorified domesticity. Martha Stewart Living used the best glossy paper, photography, layouts, even content to sell home making to people who’d been fighting to get out into the workplace. So what is domesticity if everybody’s at work all day? A hobby. She made it a desirable hobby, not a dull chore.

I hope that Ravinia as the next Martha Stewart could outshine Martha.

Martha’s divorced. I think Martha would not be disheartened to read that I hope my daughter, if she marries, never divorces! Perhaps she would even cheer Ravinia on in making marriage desirable, not just a moment of a wedding but the whole long lifetime work. Maybe that’s my work now, for Ravinia’s sake.

When I came in the house all these driving thoughts were temporarily set aside by the surpise of this:

Sent from my in-laws because our 23rd anniversary is coming up on Sunday. I’ll have to put in an order with Miss Cupcake!

God, in his gracious timing, ministers to my soul in loveliness as well as hard times. May you and I and Martha outshine even Martha Stewart Living glossy pages as we hold on to the Hope of the World.

All thanks and praise to God!


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