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A Chord of Three Strands is not Easily Broken

That’s scripture, and I know it means God is one of the strands, but so often in life a chord of three people is so often torn, pulled apart, mangled, attacked. Why?

We are three.

I love the old Russian story of three hermits out on an island, and one day a Bishop comes to visit them, asks them how they live, (a very simple life) and what they pray. They answer, “Thou art Three, we are three, help us to live like thee.”
The Bishop is shocked they don’t even know the Lord’s prayer, so he teaches it to them. They are glad to learn it. But then as the Bishop is sailing away into the evening he sees a light from behind, coming to them over the water. The sailors don’t know what it is. It catches up with the boat and there are the three hermits, glowing, walking on the water.
“Bishop,” they hail him, “We forgot how your prayer goes. One of us forgot a word and then another couldn’t remember it right, and we all came unravelled.”
“Don’t worry,” the Bishop replied, “I believe you don’t need it!”

How often I pray, cognizant of the Trinity, for help with my earthly trinities. How easily they come unbalanced, and need connecting, one leg or the other.

Ravinia and I often connect over baking, working together in the kitchen (Although I have learned to give her the kitchen to work if she wants to do it all by herself, and then enjoy her productions, usually cupcakes.) and this summer we bought a book on making macarons. The french cookie with almond powder for flour. YUM!

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  1. Beautiful photo of cherries with intertwined “strands” of stems — a sweet reminder of the need for connection and unity . . .

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