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Carpet and Faucet day

A week ago I arranged for a cleaner to come and do our carpets. Didn’t ask how much he charged; after all, he was a friend of a friend. I told everyone at dinner time, next Tuesday at 1. My husband said, “I was going to look into renting a carpet cleaner.”
“Oh, do you still want to do that?”
“No, that’s all right.”
So then we thought of all the picking up that would have to be done.
And didn’t do it.
Monday I started the project, but there were so many things to do on Monday!
And then the faucet in the kitchen was acting odd.
Husband took a look at it, took it apart, tools all out.
No water in the kitchen.
He sat at the dining table and had a list of the costs of a plumber.
“You know,” he said, “I’m wanting to interest you in a new faucet.”
“See, I can’t fix this one, and I could install a new one. We could get a nice one cheaper than calling the plumber.”
“Um, okay.”
He piled all the dishes into a bucket and took it out to soak in the garage.
I filled the Brita pitcher from the laundry sink, made the coffee in the morning, breakfast, no water.
In the morning I worked a little more on picking up stuff in the bedrooms and then we went together to buy a new faucet.
Back to bedrooms, and the timing was getting tight!
Finished with Ravinia’s room, halfway with mine. I saw the cleaner’s truck drive by our house and went out to flag him down. Two rooms or three? The price was fine, so he went to work, vacuuming first, while we finished clearing out the underbed stuff.
Then there was a problem with the hoses under the sink. One was 3/8 inch, the other 1/2 inch. Why would that be? But the cleaner’s truck parked in our car. What to do?
When he was finished vacuuming and went to get his hoses to shampoo the carpet I asked him, can I switch places with you? Sure, sure!
So off to the store for hoses, and then all day the installation of our beautiful new faucet.

It was a crazy day, and yet a day of high adventure.
It wasn’t exactly a day at the beach or a day on a trip.
But, when I was asked at the grocery store, “What fun things are you doing today?” and responded, it’s not that it’s fun for everyone but it felt as good to me. To get the carpet cleaned, to have made a choice to pay a man to do a good job, and to get the faucet fixed, to see my own man working with his hands and having the satisfaction of blessing our family (and isn’t it a sweet design? He told me later the ad said it was from their teapot inspired line!) all in one day, felt like a high adventure and a great gift.
I did the dishes joyfully.
I wiped down the new faucet.
I thought how this wouldn’t be thrilling for long, but while it is, why not enjoy it? Why not thank God for his provision?
Why not bless and thank the Lord?
I am learning to take good care of the things he has blessed me with.
My garden is staying alive this year! It is lush and growing strawberries, biggest yet for us from the plants that are 4 years old (they like coffee grinds in their dirt). I put other plants in pots this year to keep them from the gophers, and even have been remembering to water them! Ravinia has picked many cherry tomatoes (big for cherries) even though she doesn’t eat them.

One morning when I was reading and praying in The Power of a Praying Parent, I came upon this verse:
If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the best from the land;
but if you resist and rebel,
you will be devoured by the sword.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

Isaiah 1:19-20

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