Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Linking up with Lisa-Jo over at Gypsy Mama
Where we write for five minutes
on the theme of Expectation…

The dog, not knowing that she is going to be spayed today.

The cat, waiting for his water to be freshly filled.

I have made baklava and have set the table and await the Ladies’ Brunch,
where we meet and eat (this time Greek food for Nancy’s birthday)
and talk and pray.
I worked ahead, setting the table for joy because I had time yesterday
both to bake
and to set pretty
and then I heard sad news from one
and I wonder if she’ll come
not expecting now
but I think she will
because we will have both the pretty and the pain
around a table
learning what it means to consider all joy
coming from the dear loving Father’s hand.
Rejoicing in each other’s care:
hearts formed by his lovingkindness
to give lovingkindness.
I hopefully expect
5 ladies around a table
and God to be thanked and praised.


Comments on: "Expectations" (1)

  1. Love that dog photo, especially knowing what she doesn’t know. 🙂

    Yes, that dear one will find something good around your table. And I don’t just mean the baklava. God bless you, who are such a blessing to others.

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