Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Ascension Day

Out front we have a tree that sat without leaves for maybe 8 months.
We didn’t have much rain this year, and our rainy season came late.
Other fruit trees flowered in March. This one, was it a dry twig?
Was it my fault? Did my not watering it, deep soaking or whatever–
Did that kill it? My own most grievous fault.
Neighbor said, “It bloomed late last year too.”
When blooms first came I thought it was popcorn!
Ravinia had strung popcorn on it at Christmas time, never taken it down, and was that leftover kernels? But no! Fresh and white the little buds popped out after the second rains and in May.
May budding plum tree, I’ll call it.
And this shot, the ascending view, seemed good for ascension.

Ravinia made ascension cupcakes, her idea from the Martha Stewart cupcake book. Here’s Ravinia’s:

See that thread of caramel rising from the hazelnut?
That’s what gave her the idea that they’re for ascension.

And the dipping into caramel, made with sugar and water and boiling long.
What a baking education my sixth grader has gained with this project!
They tasted, oh, Delicious!!

Maurice read us part of a chapter on ascension from Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright. I found myself listening and taking notes, there at the diningroom table, opposite him.
Ascension is important to our faith.
Jesus is present and yet bodily absent.
Jesus, sitting at the right hand of the Father, rules the world.
The world is still a mess, but there is a new CEO at the helm. Not a takeover or a separation but a kingdom bearing in its body the dying of Jesus so life of Jesus can be displayed.
Jesus is present through the Spirit and the sacrament, in his church.
It is not the church that rules. If we downplay the ascension we elevate the church.
Jesus is in heaven ruling the whole world and will one day return to make that rule complete.

May you know in your deepest self, the rule and reign of Jesus.
Victorious, Ascended!
All thanks and praise to God!


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