Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is Real.

Ravinia put the dog up in a top box of a caddy.

When I was real little, I loved the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. The little stuffed dog I loved, therefore, I named Real. Maple looks a little like Real: same floppy ears, same shape face. Real was pure white though, pink under the ears. He did indeed become very shabby, so that when I saw him in a baby picture I was surprised at how he looked when he was new!

Of course a real puppy is so much more than a real loved stuffed animal.

Real puppies make messes on the floor when they can’t get out.
Real puppies chew the furniture, even just a little.
Real puppies bark at the old man cat to come play with them; they keep trying to turn him into a playmate and it just will never work but everyone’s ears are tired with the noise!
Real puppies need to eat, need washing, need walking, need loving.

They need loving.

Reality is the need for loving and the need to love meeting in time and space and body.
In the plan of God, halleluia.
All praise and thanks to God, from whom all good things come.

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Comments on: "Real" (3)

  1. Lovely post…what a cute puppy! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

  2. leahJlynn said:

    That’s the truth puppies are a lot of work. They’re a lot like raising kids in fact that it’s wroth in the love you get in return:)
    My post for this prompt is at:

  3. Real is worth the effort of loving!

    Loved your post! God has a plan, and you are so right – every thing good does come from Him!

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