Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

The Gift of a Week

This week we had school even though the neighbors and other friends had a week off. The flexibility of homeschooling, and a strict Mom! I kept saying, “You want to graduate sixth grade, don’t you?” and we’d do our work. But there were afternoons off because those things we usually do were connected to the local school schedules.

On Monday we went sailing! The school work got done, a couple girls rounded up

and our neighbor John St.Ambrosio took us out in a boat.

The sky was clear and yet the mountains had clouds above them

as did the island on the other side of us, out to sea.

Gorgeous. We saw birds and sea lions and one harbor seal.

On Tuesday we babysat Nathaniel Artuso while his mom taught her English classes next door at Westmont. He loved the puppy, and the puppy loved him!

On Wednesday we watched the Samantha movie with the group of homeschool girls studying history and having a book club reading and discussing 8 American Girl book sets. We had visited a Victorian era house the week before and made a craft and had tea with petit fours, but the book discussion was left out. So we enjoyed watching the movie and also discussing differences between movie and book.

On Thursday we visited the Natural History museum with our neighbors, Ravinia loving the stream behind the museum much the best.

It feels like a haven of east coast water to me out here.

Then at night the two friends from Monday came and had a sleepover.

Tonight we have a Boggle Birthday party for our neighbor Sarah who loves to play Boggle and is quite good at it! The idea is to have a cake shaped like a Boggle board, complete with letters. Then we’ll play games, lots of Boggle.

Schoolwork still attended to, violin and piano practiced,

but this week has been a week of gifts, special times to treasure.

Written in 9 minutes, pictures added after.

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Comments on: "The Gift of a Week" (4)

  1. That sounds like such a wonderful week! I’ve never been sailing but would love the chance to someday! How nice to be able to take advantage of the flexibility of shorter homeschool days and enjoy the spring weather. Our break is planned for next week, and I’m so looking forward to it!!

  2. You lead a full, fabulous, generous life. Wish I could’ve seen that Boggle cake! (I also love to play Boggle, and I decorate cakes.)

    “The flexibility of homeschooling, and a strict Mom!” Same here. 🙂 Except in fall, we’ll lose the former, because our eldest will be in public school for high school. Quite a transition, but we’re excited. It’s a great school.

    • Wish soon to be granted: I took lots of pictures of the Boggle cake and will post. But today’s another busy day! Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      Remember the time you posted a sixth grade writing course? I never did lead it. We hit a bump in the road with writing, so it may be our seventh or eighth grade writing course. Nevertheless, I thank you for it. Also, I don’t think many people think of me as a strict mom! I’ll be glad to hear about your transition to public school schedule, and glad to be praying in the wings.

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