Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


It was in Cardiff, Wales, in 1997 and we were with a mission team staying at a Chinese church. Some of the locals had joined our team for devotions in the morning, and we read that chapter that ends with a difficult verse, “But women will be saved through childbirth.”

I think someone asked, “What does that mean, especially for those who have no kids?” and I told them about my struggle, being married 7 years and having no child.

I took comfort in verses about the barren woman, who will have more children than her who has a husband (which seems to mean single woman, but nevermind).

That night the locals stayed late after our program, hanging out and talking with the team. I looked around and thought, “We should feed them before sending them home.”

I asked Julie Wong to help me do something with the leftover rice from dinner. She taught me to make fried rice, authentic, and my first time making it. As I served it the kids received it gratefully and complimented it. (Did I mention that I was the token caucasian in this setting?)

In the morning I realized we had used up all the eggs, so Julie and I went out and bought a dozen. When we returned the kids in our team and the locals who stayed over were waking up one at a time so I asked them each how they would like me to cook an egg.

At devotions that morning, Kalun told me, “You’re like our mother, cooking for us.”

I remembered Jesus’ words, “Whoever does the will of God my father is my mother and sister and brother,” and that yearning in my heart was filled with joy.

Written in 7 minutes, crashed, rewritten in less.
Also linking with the heart healing moment prompt for Faith Barista:


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  1. Carolyn Yoder said:

    So right! All our trials soon be over … and all our longings soon be fulfilled …

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