Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


It was a whirlwind, and while I am caught in the whirl my attention is caught, inspired. Did it all come too fast? Now, that I am home and have a still point in the turning, I need to sit and write fast, write it all out.

And I need to fast.

It is Ash Wednesday.

I have travelled time zones, between Shrove Tuesday which I didn’t really celebrate but drove to Amish country to see quilts and to eat with two friends who likewise drove an hour from the other direction. I drove back to catch a plane which was delayed so that connections were missed and hotel was secured and early morning flights meant small doses of sleep and we arrived earlier than scheduled after all to have a day at home to catch up, and so until service tonight after dinner, it is not quite yet Ash Wednesday.

But I am feeling the ash, the burned up quiet.
Ashes are great fertilizer, I was told after the wildfire in 2008. Indeed.
So I await the fertilizing.

In spare moments, cleaning, prayerful thinking, I ponder from what to fast for this season of Lent. Ravinia tells me her thoughts. She will fast from candy, although she thought about fasting from all drinks but water as she had other years. I think the candy fast is good.

I ponder fasting from all food except what my own hands have prepared. A strict fast, except for Sundays. Health reasons will work well into this fast, but more it is the idea of sitting down with people rather than to feed the mouth.

Too often I have concentrated more on the food than on the Lord who had food to eat that we know not of. Too often I have eaten with the overfed (have become the overfed) than refrained in solidarity with the hungry. I repent, must practice repentance.

This fast, it will be the fast of slowing down, of remembering, offering the works of my hands to the Lord who owns my body (You were bought with a price, therefore glorify God with your body). Deliberate and prayerful feeding, that I might learn to feed indeed upon the word made flesh.

Meanwhile I look forward to reading what Diane is going to be serving up as she reflects on the daily liturgy. I look forward to encouraging words that God inspires others to write.

All thanks and praise to HIM!


Comments on: "Fast" (1)

  1. Beautiful! I love the idea of fasting by slowing down. And yes, all praise and thanks to Him!

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