Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Greater Joy

Flowers from my husband.
A necklace and earrings.
Lobster tails sale at Vons.
It’s starting to sound like a gratitude list

Last year I gave out gratitude journals, so it’s wonderful to receive one this month, and I love the colors (I wear turquoise well and I wear red as often as possible but I’ve never paired them.)

I have journals for different subjects: one of ways my husband has shown me love, one of hard time struggle prayers, one very slim for just jotting lists of 4 words or so for counting gifts. This one, so beautiful, for recording the joyous stories of my everydays.

I’ll sit with my new favorite mug filled with everyday tea, the mug that reminds me that God has filled me with joy countless times, joy that is deeper, greater than the grief of missing my mom when I praise him for the love that came from him that she poured out on me: Thank you for your LOVE, Lord!

And the verse reminds me of the high school me who stood around awkwardly at parties, not fitting in with the crowd, not feeling loved…
You have filled my heart with greater joy
than when their grain and new wine abound.
Psalm 4:7
And I wonder, could I whisper back to that woman child that she had such riches of love, such wealth to share that these others were really looking for? Be free to lavish that love. Smile in the joy of the Lord. Seek to give it to others. Drink from the well, the fountain of his love by thanking and praising and giving…

Writing about Unwrapping Love with Bonnie Gray gave me this idea:

A gift for a friend, who’s secret name from God is JOY: he’s been working joy in her life.

Disclosure: DaySpring gave me the free products to review (and give away!) but all opinions stated are my own. The mug has a wonderful handle with thumb rest, it has gone through the dishwasher well and in the microwave (the handle doesn’t get hot as some retired mugs of mine have) and there are blue dots on the bottom of the inside. Here, take a look:

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