Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Ravinia whose art usually tells the story she’s dreaming up

surprised me Sunday in a still point between church and orchestra

by deciding to draw a still life of the oil bottles on our counter

Continuing the Joy Dare counting:
1.31 a gift found on a paper, in a person, in a picture

the still life
2.1 a gift found at 11:30am, at 2:30pm, at 6:30pm
cupcake baking together
hanging out with Contakeses
crochet time with Lucy
2.2 3 things overheard today, all gifts
Mozart’s music is strong (meaning bold)
You’re such a good mommy!
The Joy of the Lord is my strength
2.3 3 gifts found in writing
Johnny Tremain
a letter from our Compassion child
lists for our days
2.4 3 gifts found when bent down
puppy kisses
light on pool water
bean seedling started
2.5 one gift stitched, one hammered, one woven
yarn the color of the sea
a linen shirt so deep blue
2.6 3 gifts found outside
bright orange flowers below a tree on an overcast day
wispy clouds
the sun breaking through


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