Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Boston Creams

On Wednesdays Ravinia takes cupcakes to church. She goes to a neighborhood church for the youth group meeting on Wednesday night, and it’s an opportunity to bake a new batch every week, working her way through the Martha Stewart book we were given.

Last week it was Boston Cream cupcakes. Memories of our two years in Boston flood over me. What a rich time. What a grief filled but blessed period. What a time of trusting God. Of dancing. Tears and joys and thanking God. All this in a cupcake? Well, but it’s a Boston Cream!

When we bake, in the kitchen working, it is best to have a happy heart, the ability to read and understand directions, and focus to avoid distractions.

This will be a recipe that because of my milk allergy I do not expect to taste, but the smell and the memories will be enough for me.

Look at that shiny chocolate frosting!

All thanks and praise to God for his good gifts and time to enjoy them.


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