Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


It was a tender time for tea, celebrating a birthday and friendships among neighbors. Susan asked each of us what we were looking forward to in the upcoming year.

I told them of tender plans for a trip abroad, for evaluating and planning for a May term teaching trip in 2013 that my husband would co-teach with music professor Dr. Shasberger, to Europe, concentrating on the history, theology, and music of the Reformation.

High adventure!

Tender heart, not quite believing this can come true. Entrusting the dream to tender friends who affirmed the adventure, the hope, the delight. Tender spot, travel, for I have loved it long, and yet need God’s assurance that this is good.

A dream unfurls.

Connecting with the Faith Jam one word Adventure here:

Written prompt for Five Minute Fridays, connecting here:


Comments on: "Tender" (4)

  1. Love these new beginnings and grateful for your sharing what it looks like to say yes and trust. Thank you!

  2. What a lovely event. And the teaching trip to Europe sounds exciting!

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