Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Picture from The Guinea Pig ABC by Kate Duke.

We tiptoe past her room of a morning, peeking to see if she is awake yet.
My day begins with her waking.

No, it begins with my awakening, whatever time that is, upon my pillow, to prayers, usually along the lines of “Father I need your love today, fill my heart with your love to love these people you have given me; mine is so limited.” (I used to think I was great at loving, showing love. Humbled, I pray.) Lately it has included my word for the year, “Father, be in charge of my time today. I know you can prompt me what to do when and your timing is always perfect. Give me the trust that you are in charge that I can walk through my day with joy.” After praying this I am awake and can figure out whether to get up immediately and make the coffee, tiptoeing past the open door as mentioned, or sit abed and check in with lovely blogging hearts.

Today’s prompt, AWAKE, prompts me to part of a hymn:
…Awake my soul and sing
of him who died for thee
and hail him as thy matchless king
through all eternity.

All thanks and praise to God!


Comments on: "Awake" (4)

  1. Beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful, this opportunity we have to set the tone for our day. That is something I learn over and over again. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I love your prayer… it is so true for me as well.

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