Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Botany Walk

Yesterday we began our study of botany. It’s amazing how differently I began to look at plants around me.

While I do miss the snow, I am grateful for the warm sunny weather and the plants that bloom year round.

For Science today we took a walk, and just for fun brought along the camera and the indoor-only cat (in arms).

Here’s what our neighborhood looks like.

I don’t know the names of all the plants, but the ones in front are agapanthus, lily of the Nile. They aren’t in bloom now but they are such lush things, and they give me a sense of being watered even through the dry fire season. Beyond them, the yellow flowers are sour grass. I was told you can munch on the stems, and have tried it! That tree is called oak, but it’s not what I always thought of as an oak. It’s a cross with holly, and is called a live oak. The leaves are holly leaves and evergreen.

We love the honeysuckle. I had grown up with honeysuckle bushes, but around here it is ground cover, low growing.

Another plant I hadn’t known before moving here, this is a favorite for its low water needs and pretty blue flowers.

I love the flowering ground cover (grass is expensive to water and hard to keep gophers from disturbing, making dirt piles in).

We were commenting how amazing this flower is, standing up straight, arrows of orange.

Here’s Ravinia and Crate up on a large rock. We also landscape with rock around here. I guess the closeup gives you an idea of the oak leaves if you haven’t known a live oak before.

And the everpresent dandelion!

More flowers I don’t know the names of.

Here is California daisy. The lady of this house came out and gave permission and said, “They are the color of the sun and lift their shining faces to it.”

This was such a great walk! I’m only halfway around the block, but instead of tiring you, I’ll stop writing and just go with pictures:

All thanks and praise to God, creator and sustainer of such beauty!


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