Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


The prompt for Five Minute Friday is Roar, and I’ve had 24 hours to think, and take this picture at the Santa Barbara Community Church Library:

The ticking clock roars at me and I too often feel the insecurity, the rush and pressure that I will fail, I will not measure up. I take a picture of the clock, but it comes out fuzzy. Nevermind.

I cry out quickly and a bit of TS Eliot comes to mind, “There will be time, there will be time…” is it from J Alfred Proofrock? Is it from God, calming me, reminding me of the word for this year, time?

And then I go to the library, not on time but within the time allotted, and I see the book cover, Roar, with the beautiful illustration of the two(?) girls on Aslan’s back. Yes. Roar, Lion of my life, as I sit on your back. You will conquer time for me!

And he roars on. I almost missed a meeting, turns out I hadn’t emailed back, but she was home and we sat in her backyard in the sunshine sipping tea and talking of God sized dreams and fears of failure and humility and trust and starting a blog…I shouldn’t say more than that, but the roar of the lion was a whisper in my ear. He’s not roaring at me but at the fears that face me: the battle is the LORD’s!

All thanks and praise to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!


Comments on: "Roar" (4)

  1. “He’s not roaring at me but at the fears that face me”
    …Oh, yes. How often do I hear the fearful roar but misinterpret it as being against me, when all along it is for me?
    I’ll try to listen not only to the sounds, but where they’re directed.

    • Oh Monica, how often I have fallen prey to that “against me” when another person is trying to correct me for my good! How I long to be whole and holy. I am God’s and he is making me. I am so very thankful for your company. Thanking God for you, Monica!

  2. amen! there is great peace when we realize… the battle is His… and…. it is already won 🙂
    I will roar with the lion and then… lie down with the lamb !
    Blessings to you dear!

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