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New Year’s, Time

I know I’m a bit slow, getting to the point of New Year’s and thinking through what the new year has in store for me. But once upon a time I heard and resonated with this song by Carolyn Arends, and now I have new years marked by many things: school year starting in the fall, the Jewish Rosh HaShannah, birthdays, and the day of my mother’s death. It’s a little odd for me that January 1 comes in the middle of the 12 days of Christmas. We’re still taking time to do Christmas, ending with a Nativity play on January 6, with the Magi. But I am grateful for the time to think about a new year.

Ann posted a gift for organizing days, and while I have calendars and notes on my iPad, sometimes I just need paper! However, I got to thinking that I didn’t want to print a new piece of paper every day, so what could I do? In time the idea came to me: use a picture frame, the one I’ve been using as a whiteboard all fall.

You know what?
I love the whiteboard/paper effect!
I can wipe it off when change of plans need to be made like lunch (see above). I had written in nachos. We were out, at the library, and wanted to stop by the local ice cream/sorbet store (Scoop) on the way home, but it didn’t open until 1. So further down was the pizza place, but then Grandpa called to say he was ready to be picked up.
“Let’s go,” I told Ravinia, “We can make our own pizza at home.”
“Barbecue chicken pizza?”
“Sure, I think we have all the ingredients…”
Turns out we spent time making that pizza, hungry-tired time, but when it was done it was so good!

It takes me some time to think things through.
Sometimes it takes me some writing too.
But here’s what I’ve been learning to do.
When feeling rushed, take time to think why. Take time to pray, “Lord, you be in charge of the timing.”
When feeling overwhelmed by things to do, take time to evaluate, and pray, “Lord, show me which are things you want me to do; which are important and which aren’t?”
When feeling out of control, take time to acknowledge the Sovereign God: “Lord, you are in control of all things, what is your will for me, for others, here and now?”
When feeling sad, ask God for a song.
Here’s the one that came to my heart today:
Take time to be Holy
Do you know it? It’s an old hymn I learned many years ago, possibly at the Christian school my parents sacrificed to send me to. How I thank them for that!

All thanks and praise to God, sovereign, loving, close, holy, Father God!

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Comments on: "New Year’s, Time" (2)

  1. Sarah Koci Scheilz said:

    Love the reminder about God’s timing — not our timing. So easy to forget and so important to remember!

  2. I read “holy” as your one word… and thankful you shared it in the faith jam. May God bless and fill your year with HIs flowing of words.

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