Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Mary and me


The question is, “Which character in the Christmas story is speaking to you this year?”

It’s a good question. I thought immediately of the song where a shepherd in the nativity scene talks to the singer asking to be moved closer to the child.

My daughter points out to me often that I relate to the mother in any story, now that I am a mother.

So, Mary.

When I was pregnant, I didn’t read the what to expect when you’re expecting book, and I didn’t read ahead on baby care. I was too involved in the now, the surprise and the miracle of what was happening in my body. Maybe I should have read ahead, but at least I felt things in the now and I rejoiced in the gift of God for which I’d prayed. I was happier than I’d ever been, and nothing really seemed to get me down. I felt bouyed by the gift of answered prayer: a baby after 11 years of marriage.

When the time came that she should be delivered, my husband and my mom were with me, and the hospital stay was long since the baby was overdue and finally we asked for a C-section. My mom, holding the newborn, quoted Simeon, and I looked at her in wonder.

That first month, learning to breastfeed, not doing much except holding the baby, loving her together, it was precious. Would you believe a gift for the baby came every day? For a month! Who could have arranged that but God alone? I thought of Christmas, and I thought, babies aren’t just one day. So the 12 days of Christmas began to make sense and we thought of changing our ways. Giving and celebrating with others longer, rejoicing in God’s gifts.

It was important to me to breast feed my child, and I was thankful that I was able to. At holiday parties, at Bible study, wherever we were, my friends were good about letting me, right in the middle of things. I’ll never forget when my friend Kim told me, “I was praying and trying to imagine Jesus at Mary’s breast but instead I saw you like Mary, feeding and loving your little one, and I felt loved by God as if I were the little one.” How incredibly thankful I was to be used of God, to show his love.

I couldn’t always protect my baby but God seemed to be doing so. I marvelled at how she would fall and her head would just miss the corner of a table. I began to trust that she had a powerful angel watching over her. Not trust in such a way that I didn’t do my best, but rejoicing in God’s care where mine was inadequate. I think Mary got to do that too. It struck me last year that the angel only came to Mary the first time. After that it was Joseph got the angel visits in dreams, and obeyed them.(She had to submit to his leadership!) She trusted that God was taking care of Jesus beyond their ability to do so.

This year I am pondering things in my heart. I love that Mary did that. And my heart overflows with the song where Mary says:
I am the servant of my God,
I live to do your will.
My soul proclaims your greatness O God,
and my spirit rejoices in you,
you have looked with love on your servant here
and blessed me all my life through.

It’s from:

and you can listen to it by clicking here.

I wake early these days and sit quietly pondering and waiting on God. Today won’t you join me in singing along with Mary then and many others since, “Great and mighty are you, o Holy One, strong is your kindness evermore. How you favor the weak and lowly one, humbling the proud of heart!”

Let us lift our hearts (humble or proud) to God in thanks and praise.


Comments on: "Mary and me" (4)

  1. Thanks for this peek into the beginnings of your motherhood. God amazes over and over again. Merry Christmas, Beth!

    • Thank you Monica! Merry Christmas!

      Beth Werner Lee: Child of God through faith in Christ Jesus, daughter of John and Helen, wife of Maurice, mother of Ravinia, friend of…. Homeschooling teacher (grade 6,; Westmont Music Guild chair; LBOA board member; Homemaker


  2. Wow! Momma Lee, this is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing 😀

  3. Mary’s willing submission, even in the mist of fear, has always encouraged me. Mothers, like you and Mary, have an important job. I love to see the way you each submit to God in Motherhood. It’s beautiful. Merry Christmas!

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