Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Birthdays at Christmastime

When your birthday is too close to Christmas, you have a special problem. Older people know about it, and peers sometimes moan with you the lack of special birthday celebration in the midst of Christmas. Mine was yesterday. (It was perhaps too full!)

When you’re going out for birthday breakfast, don’t hurry people into anxiety. Don’t forget the coupons. Don’t let hubby drive. Don’t forget to count the meal as a present. Don’t think about all the other things you’ve planned for the day. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery, the place you are right now. Don’t forget to pray at the table, even in front of strangers.

When you get back home, don’t rush into the next thing. Don’t forget the gift you were going to bring to the friend who invited you for tea. Don’t rush off without kissing husband and daughter goodbye. Don’t forget to encourage the daughter baking in the kitchen. Don’t worry when the daughter interrupts the tea because she needed a hug from Mom who’s next door.

When tea time is over and you come home, don’t forget to think about what should come next. Don’t get sidetracked from the packages that need to be wrapped and stuffed and labeled and taped and taken to the post office. Don’t forget to thank God that the post office on campus (next door) is open. Don’t worry about taking some of the cider they have out. Don’t forget to thank God for it and that there is no line here. Don’t worry about the price of postage. Don’t forget to pray that God, who is in charge of all things, will bring the packages on time, his time.

When home, don’t snap at the daughter you left behind to make her own sandwich and get ready while you rush to the post office. Don’t forget to be thankful that she’s outside waiting when you return. Don’t second guess your decision to take her to the park to play with her friends while you leave her there and come back to have tea with neighbor ladies. Don’t for pity’s sake argue with her all the way there about something someone said that makes you feel attacked. Don’t forget to ask God for help in the resolution of arguements. Don’t forget to bow to his power, pray for his cleansing of all hearts involved.

When returning to the neighborhood to take tea, don’t forget to call that you’re late. Don’t forget to thank the hostess. Don’t be so distracted that you can’t receive. Don’t forget to enjoy the time. Don’t forget to thank God for these lovely ladies who are your neighbors. Don’t talk too much!

When returning to the park to pick up your daughter, don’t forget to thank the mother who watched her. Don’t give only half attention to a friend giving you her family picture Christmas card. Don’t rush your child away because you have to stop at the grocery store on the way home and get there before the dinner guests do.

When you do arrive, bringing in groceries and waving at their car, don’t pretend to be perfect. Don’t forget to welcome them as they are to your home as it is. Don’t be afraid to take things as they come. Don’t forget the important things, like lighting the menorah at sunset and saying the prayers, playing driedels with tons of gelt while talking theology and refilling the latke plate or baking donuts.

When the day is done and you are reflecting on it, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t let the bad moments keep you from remembering the good ones. Don’t be too proud to look to the Lord. Don’t try to do this life by yourself but ask him for help, acknowledging him.

When it’s your birthday at Christmas time, don’t think it’s all about you. Don’t compare, don’t worry, don’t compete with Jesus but rejoice in all that he gives.

Thanks and Praise:
Not all those things listed I did wrong!
Many many facebook greetings I received are gifts of God in the form of people he’s given me to love and be loved by.
A new camera with lots of things for me to learn.
A loving husband
A wonderful daughter
A kind father
A most glorious LORD!


Comments on: "Birthdays at Christmastime" (4)

  1. Dear ?

    I don’t know your name. I came by here from Ann’s because you posted just before me today on Walk with Him Wednesday. I am breathless just reading this post. I think you are overcome because you thing of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE each step of the way. You are amazing. I am glad I stopped by here just to get some insight into what one other person is experiencing this busy season.


    PS My birthday is December 4–not quite as hectic as yours!!

    • Thank you so much for responding, Dawn. Your perspective is kind and encouraging to my heart. I’m Beth Werner Lee. Great to meet you! December 4 was a beautifully hectic day here too, with a Christmas Festival and bake sale. In between it’s been calmer. God bless you!

  2. this was a wonderful exhortation… otherwise we miss the blessing… wonderful reminder to be all that Jesus can help us to be!

  3. Sigh, nice reminders…. Thank you – Merry Christmas

    stop by

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