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Candy Cane Oreo Cookie Bark

When I saw the link on Ann’s weekend links, for Oreo Cookie bark, I thought, “oh my, I could do this with Candy Cane Joe Joes!”

It has been a wait though because all last week we were baking treats for the Westmont Christmas Festival, and boy was it beautiful! I think they will have it on YouTube shortly.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joes and can buy candy melts somewhere, you can do this too.

Trader Joes has their own brand of Oreo cookies; they had non-hydrogenated filling before I knew what that meant! The chocolate filling chocolate cookies were my favorites first. And then a couple of years ago they started the Christmas ones with candy cane bits in the white filling. Can you say yum? Oh, they’re so good!

So it turns out to be very simple. Play with the measurements as much as you like, more white candy or dark chocolate candy, larger or smaller bits of cookies. This was our first attempt, and to just signal the candy cane and make it pretty, I asked Ravinia to crush up a couple of canes (she’s had lots of practice lately!) and sprinkle on top.

Seriously, this is so good, and if you don’t live near enough to a Trader Joes, I feel sorry enough for you that if you ask I would mail you a package (it wouldn’t even matter if some got broken in shipping would it?) for a Christmas present!


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  1. My favorite moment of my childhood is when my dad shrunk me & I got to eat a giant oreo in the backyard. Oh, wait. That was just a movie.

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