Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Thanksgiving Week

They’re still alseep in our hotel room as I sit up in bed and write. It’s Monday, we check out today, and we’ve all enjoyed it for various reasons. I won’t list them.

This is Thanksgiving Monday, a time to write my gratitude list which is finally approaching 1000. (If you haven’t yet read 1000 Gifts, let me know!) There is a Gratitude community which posts and links lists of thanks to God every Monday, and for the Monday of Thanksgiving, how double-whammy!

This year thanksgiving is more part of everyday life, thanks to Ann. And Christmas preparations started early, in part thanks to Tsh. I took a bit of a break from writing posts this month, enjoying the pressure being off after completing 31 Days of Thanks and Praise, but it was a good experiment and revealed to me at least how important writing is for my own well being. So now I’m posting gratitude for God’s gifts again.

Hotel room to rest and play and be home in
Umbrellas to borrow from the concierge
Yale reception, seeing old friends
Melinda coming up to SF with Sydney and Carter
The Exploratorium
Dinner together and the frozen yogurt after
Gifts to give
Hoping for a future trip (“See you after Christmas!”)
City church SF and a good sermon
Meeting cousin Paul (and Angela)
Ravinia meeting her cousins
Hanging out with Paul at Costco
Lunch at the hotel
Saturday taking BART in to the city
Meeting YeYe
Exploring Chinatown
Yarn and a hook bought in Chinatown
Jade cross on a red string
Eating jook and gong chow now haw
Apples, water, and cider in the hotel lobby
Playing with dolls
Watching movies
Dinner in the hotel, keeping price down by ordering wisely
Road lights that remind us of a Christmas tree
Friday, that school work was done at all
Thanksgiving party with homeschoolers
Driving up 101 from Santa Barbara to San Francisco
Stopping at Crabtree and Evelyn for sales
Eating at Chevy’s for the first time and realizing why I don’t eat Mexican:
Tex-Mex yumminess
Happy Ravinia with mom sitting in back seat while others drove

Thanksgiving morning in the wee hours now, writing on and on
Plans to leave tomorrow after lunch, drive home on T. day
We had turkey for dinner, early Thanksgiving with 爸娚
Irving came out from Palo Alto
We ice skated for hours in Walnut Creek
Daddy brought us cocoa and a pumpkin soy latte
The zamboni clearing the ice at 4p and skating on it afterward
We did some school work in the morning
Interrupted by YeYe taking Ravinia to visit neighbors and play
Going to get her and chatting with Christina, my dear friend in the faith
Ravinia baking cookies, bringing to neighbor friends
Downloading the iPad app to list my next 1000(-2000) gifts!
Beauty out the kitchen window at YeYe’s
The orange tree flaming among the green and the red trees, reds!
Coupons that I never used, put in recycling
Trusting the no that comes from God is because he loves
“Dependently wealthy”–thanking YeYe for help
Reading a seventeen year old’s post and realizing how like me she is and yet how old I am! The years have given much grace, growth.

Time to party? Thanksgiving day…spread out all week. I like that.


I’ll be cooking the turkey on Friday and casserole on Sunday at my house.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Week" (2)

  1. Congrats on approaching #1000!! Praise God! What special timing for the Thanksgiving season. Enjoyed the highlights from your time in community giving thanks!

    • Thank you Bonnie! I was up in your area, and visited with a friend whose husband (Roland Lee) knew you from church. I keep wanting to see if we can get together in(RL) but sorry to hear you were sick over Thanksgiving. I’ve been too busy to blog since then!

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