Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Prayer for Busy Days

Do you ever wake up at an early hour (6am for me) and jolt out of sleep because there is so much to do that day and all of it may go wrong? That happened to me yesterday. I felt jittery, even. But immediately grace was given to me and I prayed:

Lord, I need your love today.
I need your power.
I need you to be in control,
and please give me the faith to trust that you are
so that I can be filled with joy instead of worry.

I felt myself calming down. The jitters evaporated. I rose, and while everyone else was still asleep I did my morning chores and even started a pan of cinnamon pull apart bread!

Later when kissing me goodbye, my husband commented happily on the clean counter in the kitchen.

You know what I did.
I gave all THANKS and PRAISE to GOD!

The day went smoothly and was fun.
Ditto for today!
So I offer you the prayer (feel free to make it your own) with love.
God is the one with perfect love, all power, and true life-giving control.
Bless the Lord, O my soul.


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