Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Relational Poverty

I have wondered, do I take care of my friends as badly as I take care of my plants? I forgot to water this rose Ravinia received for her birthday and it withered so that when I finally saw it and got it some water I wondered if it could recover.

I think there is a chance. I think there’s hope for it. But if not, I can buy Ravinia another replacement rose at Trader Joes. The trick is, I’ve thought, to plant it in the ground where God as well as I can work at the watering of it. It might survive on the one side, and be a lopsided plant like my azalea for mother’s day:

It withered to sticks all on one side, and by the time I started taking care of it again it I had to cut those away, and repot it, and place it where the sundowner winds wouldn’t hurt it. But then when it bloomed, oh, the hope!

Something clicked this week when I read Ann’s post:

All poverty is first a poverty of relationship.

Falling out of relationship with God was our first fall into poverty ā€” and into conflict and sin and hardship. And all subsequent poverty ā€”- All poverty stems more from an absence of right relationships than a right resources. Anything that takes the place of the primacy of the Christ-relationship leads to a place of poverty.

Ann’s got it I think, and I needed to reflect on this.

In the meantime, here are two of the ones I water regularly:

And the flower in her hair?
I crocheted it, and it won’t wilt.


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