Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Violin Learning

“Will we be away on Sunday?”

I had to think a moment what she was not wanting to miss here. Church? Friends? Oh, Junior Strings.
“Yes, honey we will. But don’t worry, your concert is Saturday already. It will be all right.”

“But I’ll miss being taught something.”

Not that she always wants to practice, mind you. But there is this urgency, this absolute need to be there and to catch any little drop of guidance from the conductor.

Was I wrong to sign her up for a junior symphony with only one year of violin under her belt? A small life belt, and throw her into the deep end. She has been learning to swim. I have been learning her.

Scared! to miss anything, so maybe not a bad fear.
Happy to answer any question, usually rightly.
Hard to read the music, to figure out fingering.
All sorts of new things not in Suzuki book 1 I guess.
Strengths and weaknesses, all subsumed under the need.
Must be there on time, must hear what conductor has for her.
She has learned not to stop and correct because everyone else is going on.
She has learned the value of practice even if it’s hard to begin.

Oh Lord, I love her striving. She says she doesn’t want to do this again next year and I okay that, but in the meantime she is really giving it her all. Bless you Lord.

Help me! I want to see my conductor. I want to catch every bit of guidance. I too sometimes feel I sit in the last chair.


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